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Triad Aer Means Better Air:
Who Needs A HEPA?

Did you know that those expensive “HEPA Filters” that you are always hearing about (that are found in most common ‘air purifiers’), cannot remove smaller particles, smoke or gases? In fact, the FILTERLESS Triad Aer V3 Air Purifier Solution goes well beyond HEPA filter capabilities.

Choosing Triad Aer for your air filtration and air purification system at home or in the office means maintaining your optimum health and protecting yourself and those around you from the harmful effects of poor air quality. Reactions to things like dust and smoke can result in short-term sickness or allergy attacks, which can potentially escalate into serious damage and in the worst-case scenarios, cause a multitude of other health and wellness issue.


Triad Aer: Benefits & Features

The Triad Aer air purifier system brings the most advanced air purification technology into the comfort of your space. Unlike other air purifiers, the Triad Aer does more than simply filter the air in your space. Incorporating technology like photo catalytic oxidation, high level negative ionization, scalable purification and electrostatic filtration allows the air purification system to provide tangible benefits to your home or workspace by:

  • DESTROYS pollution from the air, embedded in walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, furniture, etc.
  • REDUCES or eliminates odors such as cigarette smoke, mildew, food, etc.
  • CONTRIBUTES to the sanitization of all surfaces.
  • EFFICIENT at removing submicron particles such as viruses where regular air filters are not.
  • ECO FRIENDLY great for the environment.
  • REMOTE CONTROL turn on your Traid Aer air purifier from anywhere.

The whisper quiet five-speed fan disguises the power encapsulated in the advanced air purification system. Having the Triad Aer in your space will not only improve the quality of air, but, most importantly, it will improve the quality of life.

Protection from Air Quality Dangers

At U-Sanitize we know that poor quality indoor air can lead to, and support, unhealthy organisms in our environment, which attack our immune system daily. Most people aren’t even aware of these “air quality dangers” or why it’s so important to address them with top quality air purification from Triad Aer.

Here are several air quality dangers that can be prevented by choosing Triad Aer products:

Dust is a common term used to describe a combination of numerous microscopic particles that accumulate over time. Dust can be a serious problem in most workspaces and homes. Most people don’t realize that allowing dust particles to build up around them can severely compromise their immune system. As foreign and harmful elements contained in dust, such as dust mites and their feces, pet dander, spores and molds grow in number and volume, these elements provide numerous triggers for detrimental health conditions and degenerative processes in children and adults alike.
Allergy and asthma sufferers are among the first to fall under the attack of dust to their respiratory systems, and for them the dangers are substantial, often resulting in constricted airways which greatly hinder their ability to breathe correctly – and not enough oxygen, as we know, can create havoc with ones overall health on a long-term basis.

Although mold awareness has increased by quite a bit in recent years at Triad Aer we know that unless adequate measures are undertaken quickly and without delay, the colonies of mold growth can quickly spread throughout your entire home or – posing a significant health risk to family and pets at home, your coworkers, employees, and even clients at the office. Microscopic mold spores exist both indoors and outdoors and are easily spread by the air current. These spores thrive in dark and moist places and usually grow in places that are hidden from sight, experience low air movement, and create very damaging effects. Mold is especially dangerous fro children, the elderly or people with immune systems.

Because of the closed environment found in our homes and offices, where very little fresh air is cycled through, pet allergens can collect on furniture upholstery, blankets and other surfaces such as carpeting. Some of the symptoms that highly sensitive people can begin showing are coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath, which can be life threatening.
Treating the damaging effects of tobacco smoke, or food and biological odors is also an air quality danger that should not be overlooked. When a person smokes, they are vaporizing the tar and other cancerous tobacco substances inside of the cigarette they are smoking. Smoke and vapor sticks to just about everything in a home and should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Why CHOOSE Triad Aer Products?

The best way to remove dust, allergens and mold for good is with an effective air purifier such as Triad Aer. Unlike many air purifiers, which are equipped with the hyped up HEPA filters-which need constant cleaning and/or replacing and do NOT remove the smaller elements-Triad Aer can take out even gases and smoke!

Our number one best seller, The My Triad Aer V3 machine will fill up every cubic inch inside a home or office space, oxidizing the odor-causing molecules at their source. Our product are so effective that even commercial cleaners have utiized the My Triad Aer V3 machine in offices, bars, bingo halls, pool halls or smoky restaurants to remove smoke odor and leave a clean smelling environment for patrons to enjoy the next day.

The Triad Aer is based on advanced NASA technology and does not require expensive filters, or “chambers” which need to be replaced.  Triad Aer does not need to draw in the pathogens, viruses, VOCs, pet dander or any other harmful elements, it can reach – and disinfect – any area of your business or home within the open 3,000 square foot reach that it was designated and developed for.


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