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Triad Aer air purifiers transform your stale indoor air into fresh, healthy air for you, your family, your coworkers and clients. Enjoy a breath of fresh air without expensive and toxic fragrances.

As with any product that you purchase, the proof is in how well it works. Consumers are thrilled with Triad Aer air purifiers that were created with the most advanced purification technologies available for improved home or business environments.
Triad Aer utilizes state of the art technology providing optimum efficiency and little waste.

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New Model Utilizes Smart Technology

The newest version 3 model utilizes smart technology for the most promising air purify available today to help remove known contaminants such as:

Mold & Mildew

Although mold awareness has increased by quite a bit in recent years at Triad Aer we know that unless adequate measures are undertaken quickly and without delay, the colonies of mold growth can quickly spread throughout your entire home or – posing a significant health risk to family and pets at home, your coworkers, employees, and even clients at the office. Microscopic mold spores exist both indoors and outdoors and are easily spread by the air current. These spores thrive in dark and moist places and usually grow in places that are hidden from sight, experience low air movement, and create very damaging effects. Mold is especially dangerous fro children, the elderly or people with immune systems.

Dust, Dander & Odors

Dust is a common term used to describe a combination of numerous microscopic particles that accumulate over time. Dust can be a serious problem in most workspaces and homes. Most people don’t realize that allowing dust particles to build up around them can severely compromise their immune system. As foreign and harmful elements contained in dust, such as dust mites and their feces, pet dander, spores and molds grow in number and volume, these elements provide numerous triggers for detrimental health conditions and degenerative processes in children and adults alike.

Micro particles & VOC Gases

Because of the closed environment found in our homes and offices, where very little fresh air is cycled through, pet allergens can collect on furniture upholstery, blankets and other surfaces such as carpeting. Some of the symptoms that highly sensitive people can begin showing are coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath, which can be life threatening.

Wait, there’s more…

There is no doubt about it; air purifiers are becoming increasingly essential for our ultimate health and well being.

Recommended by Professionals

Triad Aer air purifiers are currently the highest rated for use in residential, business, industrial, boat and RV’s and have been strongly recommended by medical professionals for the remarkable treatment for:





Respiratory Ailments

  • Activated Oxygen (Ozone) is 100% safe for people and pets as long as the ozone level is not extremely high, in a small, confined area. Ozone is a natural element and found most everywhere (outside and inside) and is emitted by most electronic devices (including computers).
  • It attacks pollution at its various sources throughout the indoor environment including on surfaces throughout homes, businesses as well as breathing spaces. Literally anywhere the air can get to the TRIAD aer purification technology can purify, reducing particles, breaking down dangerous gases, mold, bacteria, and viruses. That’s the difference, active technology versus passive technology.

Triad Aer’s newest flagship product  Triad Aer V3

Thanks to Triad Aer’s newest flagship product, the Triad Aer V3 can drastically improve the air you breathe. Unlike other air purifiers, with filters that only affect air that passes through them, Triad Aer delivers powerful air purification to the sources of pollution, both in the air and on surfaces, and can cover up to 3000 square feet of protection. Triad Aer air purifiers significantly reduce all types of germs, fungus and odors of all kinds with proven technology.Triad Aer utilizes state of the art technology providing optimum efficiency and little waste.


The Triad Aer MINI – Perfect for Small Spaces and Traveling

Who doesn’t want better air quality when traveling and staying in hotels?
Conveniently sized specifically for small spaces and traveling, the Triad Aer MINI fits easily into any travel bag for quick and simple access to fresher, cleaner pure air on the go.


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