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Triad Aer utilizes state of the art technology providing optimum efficiency and little waste. The newest version 3 model utilizes smart technology for the most promising air purification available today to help remove known contaminants such as:

  • Smoke & Paint Fumes
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Dust, Dander & Odors
  • Micro Particles & VOC Gases
  • Airborne Pollutants
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Fungus

U-Sanitize newest flagship product Triad Aer V3

Thanks to U-Sanitize newest flagship product, the Triad Aer V3 can drastically improve the air you breathe.

Unlike other air purifiers, with filters that only affect air that passes through them, Triad Aer delivers powerful air purification to the sources of pollution, both in the air and on surfaces, and can cover up to 3000 square feet of protection. Triad Aer air purifiers significantly reduce all types of germs, fungus and odors of all kinds with proven technology.


In simple terms, the machine creates an ionic plasma.  Within this plasma there are molecules that oxidize gases such as VOC’s, odors, smoke, that break down the toxic odors and smells through molecular disassociation.  This process continues until all that is left is carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Also, in the plasma are negatively and positively charged ions that will attach to floating pollen, dust and other particulates.  This process continues until they become so heavy that they fall harmlessly to the floor – out of your breathing space.

Oxidizing hydroxals and hydrogen peroxide molecule (also contained within the plasma) destroy viruses and bacteria on contact throughout your indoor space – even on surfaces (a process called Lysis).  In other words, Triad Aer is PROACTIVE!

TRIAD AER Air Purifiers Helping in the Combat

With so much uncertainty in the air it’s probably a good time to consider how air purifiers can help combat viruses.

The Triad Aer allows the air purification system to provide tangible benefits to your home or workspace

If someone in your household is sick with a virus, running an air purifier in their quarantine room may help protect you and other family members or caregivers. Air purifiers would be a wise choice for healthcare workers who are self-quarantining when they come home from working with infected patients with a virus.


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For more information on the difference between My Triad Aer non-filter based technology and that of the lesser effective HEPA Filter technologies, contact us now.